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It Gets Worse: Shane Dawson


It Gets Worse: Shane Dawson (A Book Review)

Humorous, captivating and above all, original. This book is appropriate for all ages. Not unless if you’re prone to crude humor, then I suggest you read this book with caution.

It Gets Worse tells the story of a YouTube sensation named Shane Dawson. Upon reading, we traveled back in time as he narrates his moments in life; good, bad and self-discoveries that’s bound to send you to tears as lessons are learned from all those experiences.

Shane Dawson is famous for creating all sorts of videos that brings his viewers intrigued and interested as ever as he continues providing entertainment for his viewers since 2008.

This includes impersonating celebrities and original characters he created. Parody videos both on television and the music industry are his other well-known content as well. Aside from that, he’s made movies of his own which unlike his success towards his YouTube career, doesn’t meet the same standards as his videos much to his dismay. He also happens to write books, all three a collection of his personal essays with his 2nd and most recent story of his considered a New York Times Bestseller.

His life, however didn’t start out with an overnight success. Like the rest of us, he struggled his way reaching the top to where he is now. Rejection was one of those criticisms he learned to take by heart for it’s the prime drive that motivated him into pursuing his career as a director. His childhood, in fact was probably the worst time of Shane’s life. He was bullied, humiliated and called names mostly for his weight. His current life, meanwhile is the exact opposite. 8 million subscribers have now supported his channel and up to this day is increasing, still.

Which then takes us back to the present. I personally have several dog-eared pages on my own copy wherein I considered such a favorite chapter of mine. The ones that struck me the most talks of own improvements he made upon himself. Looking back, I could relate to them in a way I compared it with my own experiences which are somewhat alike.

As much as I loved reading every single chapter of his book, I couldn’t help but state my dislike on its other parts such as the jumping time-frames occurring throughout the story. It took me a while to realize how he would narrate an incident that happened in this certain age of his life then would immediately proceed to another stage with the age gap way beyond than the previous one. As you read along though, you’d be used to this sort of adjustment which thankfully, didn’t ruin the whole story-line and the writing structure behind it.

On top of all what’s been said, this book really is something. If you’re into comedy that’s well balanced with other moods that fits in well with the story which also doesn’t merely revolve on the laughs all the time, then this book is guaranteed to do just the trick. It’s also perfect for those who’re still in their teens as most of these stories include being on the same age as the author himself back then with his troubles capable of being empathized by them.

Overall, I’d give this book a rating of 8/10 as already mentioned, there were a couple of chapters that seemed disarranged over its sequence but other than that, it was a good read.

Shane Dawson, you fantastic person you. Keep us all laughing.

Chapters to remember by: (May include potential spoilers)


•Chapter 2: 2 a.m.•

Coming into terms with his sexuality is one of the struggles he’s stumbled on and I admire him for being able to finally come into terms with it, having the courage to do so thanks to his brother’s support right from the start.

Coming out of the closet is a big risk to take, and nobody deserves to be treated in a degrading manner for their feelings of attraction on both genders. One doesn’t need to pressure themselves either because of the possible consequences they might face from the differing opinions a family or a friend of theirs can possibly remark on.

But at the same time, there’s the silver lining of acceptance. You shouldn’t be going through all that alone, after all. Like Shane, just as long you have someone you can trust on, especially at personal problems you don’t normally tell too often, no longer would you be afraid knowing a friend’s out there watching your back.


•Chapter 5: Chub Rub•

Each and every one of us will eventually come into that part of life wherein we must decide something for ourselves that can help us survive the constantly revolving world of adult responsibilities: College.

Whatever it is you decided to choose for a career, there’d be hardships along the way. A crisis will most likely occur where you begin to question every decision you made in your life that got you this far. Not all endings resulted in satisfactory outcomes to everyone either, no matter how much you tried to follow someone’s footsteps. In these types of situations only you can help yourself. And it wouldn’t make you less any educated if you decided to have your own path instead of retracing another one’s, or in such cases, not attaining one at all.

Many successful business people have achieved their dreams despite the lack of education they had on school. It’s a proven fact not everything about life can be learned merely from books. Look at how much these well-known entrepreneurs have managed to do. All it takes is a hint of courage and strong determination to reach these goals. From there, you might find the success you were hoping to have.


•Chapter 9: The White Bus•

A professor of mine once told us that religion is the opium of most people, and I can’t disagree to that.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t to imply that I’m against religion and the whole idea of it. I’d rather not involve myself with such beliefs but I respect people for having one. What grinds my gears though is the idea of someone shoving it down your throat as ‘theirs is the right god to believe in and not yours.’

There isn’t simply any use if you’d only end up demeaning someone else for their upbringing towards the said subject. The least you could do is respect them.


•Chapter 13: The Ghost Of My Grandma•

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, we always assumed our loved ones never left our side even if they succumbed after many years have passed.

Moving on from their deaths was never an easy option to begin with. But eventually, we’ll learn to accept the fact that they’re no longer with us physically and we could only continue on with our life without their presence.

Mourning is inevitable, but through time, it can help us heal with the pain we’ve kept bottled up inside as the days went by.


•Chapter 14: Human Trash•

An individual has a particular liking on something they could consider as their potential drive into achieving their goals. But what all might not know is that criticisms played a big role in this as well.

Depending how we take such remarks from others, it actually makes us stronger and more pursuant into moving onward towards our dreams. Sure it crumbles our self-esteem just by hearing that, especially if this were to come out of somebody else’s mouth to whom you never expect would dare tell you frankly.

But know that with all the downers draining out your well-being from their toxic behavior, there’ll always be people out there who genuinely appreciates you for being yourself. These are the ones who gets you as you hoped they would be. They could also serve as your reminder as to why you were even striving for this plan of yours in the first place.

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