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Entrepreneurial myths busted


People say that entrepreneurship is merely having your own business and try to maintain its operations to avoid being unemployed. But for me, it’s not. From what I learned on my business opportunities class, entrepreneurship is about having your own product that is unique from others, which can help you create incremental wealth that could change your position from rags to riches.

Take it from the well known entrepreneurs who started out from scratch wherein they have to support their family even if it means not being able to finish their studies. There are even others who have kept on going until they reach their goals in having a successful life. For instance, the famous band The Beatles who is considered as the legendary musicians of all time, have been rejected a couple of times but eventually, they got their first break and became the most admired music icon in history. This proves that when becoming an entrepreneur, you really have to work hard and have lots of patience since it’s not an easy journey for starters.

There are some beliefs that on becoming an entrepreneur, they are usually those types of people who are blue-blooded or are born with a silver spoon. But I think the secret of attaining goals is hardwork and perseverance. Just like the founder and general manager of National Bookstore, Socorro Ramos who started out as a sales lady of Goodwill bookstore at a young age then in the long run she was promoted and put in charge of the said bookstore. She got married to Jose Ramos who she invested with in setting their own business. But they faced misfortunes with the Japanese invading during World War II. They put up a general merchandise after that. They were doing fine until the typhoon Gene came which destroyed their store once again. After several breakdowns, the National Bookstore was finally born.

Another myth about being an entrepreneur is that you have to at least have a college degree before starting your own business. However, this is not what Facebook founder and creator, Mark Zuckerberg had in mind. He was accused of making his social site because of being popular and also because of violating the university rules. Immediately after launching Facebook, he dropped out of school and made millions.

In a nutshell, our impression about entrepreneurship does not define the whole point of it. If you still believe the myths about it, your perception will never change and you won’t be able to make your dreams a reality.